Recovering From Flooding and Water Damage in Your Home or Business

10 February 2017
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Flooding causes damage to homes and business all across the country and even if you do not live in a floodplain, you may still have to deal with water damage at some point in your life. The restoration of the home or business after the flood water has subsided is the most important part of recovering. Not everything affecting will be salvageable but there are things that can be down to deal with the damage in the home or other property.

Removing the Water From The Building

The first thing you have to do is get all the water out of the building. If there is still deep, standing water in the home, pumping it out may be required. You may have to wait to start this process if the water level outside the home is still very high or the water you pump out may be replaced with more water running in from around the home. If you are ready to remove the water, you can rent a large pump at an equipment rental store or find a company in the area that has the tools needed to get the water out of your home.

Dealing With The Clean Up

Once the water has been removed from the home, you may be left with silt, dirt, and other debris inside that needs to be removed, Carpets, furniture, and some personal items may be damaged so badly that they can not be saved so remove them from the home and discard them. Bringing in a water damage restoration company is a good way to deal with cleaning up the mess that is left behind, The debris and dirt will need to be removed from the home and the structure checked for damage. Depending on how long the water sat in the home or building, wood floorboard, sheetrock on the walls, and other materials may have to be replaced.

Repairing the Damage

If the structure is sound, replacing plywood floors, sheetrock on the walls and flooring materials can start. Expect that you will have to spend a large amount of time removing the water damaged materials and replacing them and remember that as you remove the old floor or wall board, you may find further damage. Hiring a contractor that specializes in repairing homes damaged by water might be the best solution and may be the fastest way to get your home ready to live in again. Don't try to rush through the process, it is going to take time to do it right and you do not want to have to come back and address something that was overlooked.

Recovering from water damage can be a long, expensive process but in most cases, a water damage restoration company can help you pick up the pieces, clean up the mess, and save the things that are important to you.