Remove Damaged Ceramic Tiles From A Bathroom Floor And Replace Them

12 August 2016
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If a portion of the plumbing in your home's bathroom has a crack in it, which contributed to loosening some of the ceramic tiles on the floor, remove the damaged pieces and dry the floor after the plumbing is repaired. When finished, replace the tiles with new ones and add a layer of grout to each joint. Once you have finished, the bathroom's floor will be restored to its original state.


  • metal pry bar
  • towels
  • mop
  • portable heaters
  • bucket of warm, soapy water
  • stiff-bristled brush
  • putty knife
  • sponge
  • replacement tiles
  • tile adhesive
  • paintbrush
  • grout mix
  • mixing stick
  • bowl
  • water
  • trowel

Remove The Loose Tiles And Dry The Floor, Remove Hardened Adhesive

Use a metal pry bar to assist with removing the tile pieces that are not attached securely to the floor. Use towels or a mop to wipe up any puddles of water that are on the floor. If some of the flooring is saturated with water, use portable heaters to assist with drying each spot. Once the flooring is completely dry, fill a bucket with warm water. Add a small amount of mild detergent to the bucket.

Apply the soapy water to hardened adhesive that remains on the floor with a handheld scrub brush that has stiff bristles. Press down firmly on the tool's handle while the bristles are moved back and forth across the adhesive. If any small pieces of adhesive are not removed with the scrub brush, scrape them from the floor with a putty knife. Remove the cleaning solution with a damp sponge. Dry the floor's surface with a towel.

Install Replacement Tiles

Use a paintbrush to apply an even layer of tile adhesive to the back of one of the replacement tiles. Press the tile firmly against one of the spots on the floor that is missing a tile. Apply tile adhesive to the back of the remaining replacement tiles and secure them to the floor in the same manner. Wait for the adhesive to dry.

Prepare grout to add to the joints in the floor. Many types of grout require that a small amount of water is added to the amount of the product that is being used. Stir the grout mix and water. Use the edge of a trowel to add the grout to each joint. Remove excess grout on the floor with a damp sponge. Wait for the grout to dry before walking on the floor.

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