Foam Injection Foundation Repair Might Be The Solution For Your Sinking Slab

8 August 2018
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A concrete slab foundation provides the support your home needs to maintain its structure. When the soil under the slab compresses or shifts, then the foundation can sink or crack. This could pose a hazard to your home so repairs are needed to restore the position and strength of the slab. Foam injection is one possible solution for foundation repair. Here's a look at how the process is done and why it might be a good choice. Read More 

Recovering From Flooding and Water Damage in Your Home or Business

10 February 2017
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Flooding causes damage to homes and business all across the country and even if you do not live in a floodplain, you may still have to deal with water damage at some point in your life. The restoration of the home or business after the flood water has subsided is the most important part of recovering. Not everything affecting will be salvageable but there are things that can be down to deal with the damage in the home or other property. Read More 

Remove Damaged Ceramic Tiles From A Bathroom Floor And Replace Them

12 August 2016
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If a portion of the plumbing in your home's bathroom has a crack in it, which contributed to loosening some of the ceramic tiles on the floor, remove the damaged pieces and dry the floor after the plumbing is repaired. When finished, replace the tiles with new ones and add a layer of grout to each joint. Once you have finished, the bathroom's floor will be restored to its original state. Read More 

2 Factors Determining How Much Flood Restoration Will Cost You

23 June 2015
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Did your home recently sustain flood damage? Are you worried about how much it is going to cost to repair the damage? Dealing with a flood is bad enough, let alone having to shell out thousands to repair the damage. There are a number of different things that come into play when trying to determine what the cost is going to be to restore the property. It isn't all that easy to guess what the repair cost is going to be. Read More 

How To Remove Mold From Carpets

28 April 2015
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If you recently experienced a flood or broken water pipe, you might now be dealing with mold. When carpets get wet, it can be hard to dry them completely. Even if you dried the top surface of the carpet, the padding beneath might have still been wet, which can cause mildew. The mildew can turn to mold if it isn't removed quickly enough. Here are some tips for removing mold from your carpets. Read More